Building Fresno's Future

Fresno's Economy

Councilmember Esparza has been a champion for community prosperity in District 7, implementing creative economic development tools to redevelop and revitalize Fresno’s inner city. He has focused on laying the foundation for new housing and commercial opportunities within the core of our city. Nelson’s commitment is to continue investing in infrastructure, while protecting Fresno's precious tax dollars and advocating for the maximum amount of state and federal dollars that Fresno rightly deserves.

Fresno's Security

Community safety within our neighborhoods is fundamental to economic development in Fresno. City leaders have a great responsibility to ensure that our police and fire departments have the resources they need to effectively & responsibly fulfill their civic mandate of keeping Fresno safe. As your Fresno City Councilmember- Nelson has advocated for more community policing at the neighborhood level and operated with the utmost regard for our neighborhood safety here in District 7.

Fresno's Neighborhoods

As your City Councilmember, Nelson has taken a hands-on approach to the everyday concerns of residents in District 7. Our area of the city is one with many needs, and it is critical to have a responsive Councilmember who will ensure that the City is committed to increasing the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and overall quality of life for all District 7 residents. From tree trimming, to alleyway cleanups, to graffiti removal- Nelson remains committed to building Fresno’s future as a collective community.